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I am Kristy, creator of Mommy Hates Cooking. I started out in the wonderful world of fashion with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing, shortly after realizing that moving to the big apple was not on my to-do list, I ended up working for a local bank as a trust account specialist.  A few years into that position, I gave birth to my first child, which changed the layout of my entire life up to that point.

My husband used to handle all the cooking duties but when his shift at work changed, I was forced to cook. That was a very sad day in my life, I had to cook? I hate to cook! It was embedded in me by a mom who also hates cooking. My mom taught us to love a clean kitchen, and when I cook it all becomes a mess. I began cooking each day and soon realized we were eating the same meals every single day.

My husband came home one day and told me he had one request, no more pasta! I had to take extreme measures and teach myself how to cook. My hatred for cooking led me to reach out to others and create Mommy Hates Cooking. This was a way for me to take something I hate and grow it into something I learn to love. Over the past several years, I have done just that, I can proudly say I’m a changed woman.  I have learned to truly love and appreciate cooking.

My true passion for my blog is to provide families with simple, easy to prepare meals that will bring their families back around the dinner table again.

Shortly after delving into the world of blogging and cooking, I was able to leave my position at the bank and pursue my passion full-time.

I now do a variety of work including teaching classes locally on menu planning based on my book, Menu Planning 101.  I have also taught several cooking classes over the years.

I work with a variety of brands including Great Day Farms, Horizon Organics, Starbucks, Ragu, Nestle, Mars, Campbell’s, and many more.  I work with brands on a variety of levels including recipe development and brand ambassador programs.

Along with these positions, I also do food styling for events, this includes the prepping and creating of recipes as well as the setup and staging.  These events are styled for national television segments.

If you would like to find out more of the brands I have worked with please visit my PR Page.

I hope you enjoy the ride through my love/hate relationship with cooking and share the journey with me.

For more information about myself and my work, head on over to Mommy Hates Cooking.